About Me

Garden Summerland has been writing stories since she was 10 years old. Her fifth grade teacher Mrs. Dagley suggested she should pursue a career in writing, planting the seeds that would eventually grow into a rather healthy passion for fiction of all genres.
Garden has published fifteen fiction books; Sister Sugar, Flash Fiction Addiction Volumes I, II, III & IV, The Black Dress and the Red Dress, Retribution, Betrayed Five Tales of Deceit, Flash Fiction Five, Flashes, Almost Perfect, A Change of Scenery,  Going Home: Travis & Garrett, A Creepy Collection: Six Supernatural Stories, Rock Star, Rock Star 2 Second Chances, and two non fiction books: The Power of Positive Witchcraft and I Am for Teen Girls. 
She is currently working on a sequel to Sister Sugar, her first YA novel, Volume V of her Flash Fiction Addiction series and third installment of her Rock Star series.
She enjoys writing short stories, screenplays, lyrics, poetry and most especially flash fiction. She collects gargoyles & angels, and she loves all things mystical & witchy, Ireland & iced coffees. When she is not writing, she enjoys reading, cooking and online research. Garden lives inside the scenes of the  stories that she writes. If you truly wish to know her, read her works.